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Agent Referral Program

Why Refer Us?

We work for you and add value to your portfolio of services that you provide for your client. You can meet more of your clients’ needs by providing them with professional property management services. We have the knowledge and resources to make sure that your customers are satisfied and we offer for your clients a Guarantee of paid rents or they pay nothing for our services for that month or for re-leasing the property if it comes to that. Think of us as your own in-house property management department.


We pay you 100% of our management fee for the first two month’s of rent, when you refer an owner to our Property Management Program. You get paid when we get paid, as soon as the tenant occupies your client’s property!


If it was necessary! We at have done everything that could be done to secure your position with your Clients. You will be on file next to client’s name and will remain as the point person for any sale. Your clients will feel empowered knowing that he/she has a specialist on both sides in every situation in regards to real estate.

Custom marketing and monthly updates are sent to your client, keeping you front of mind until they are ready to sell or buy a property again.

We make it easy for your clients

Owners can login to update account information, view financial statements and customizable property reports, make and receive EFT, view unpaid bills and billing history, approve, reject, and track work orders, and view leases, management agreements, and other documents. Owners can also receive email alerts, notifying them when a tenant makes a payment, when an equity distribution is made to their bank account, when a maintenance request is received, and many more. They can even have conversations with members of the team.

Some of the items that we do on a regular basis:

  • No set up Fees
  • No lease initiation Fees
  • Free Marketing Plan
  • Premium Marking Plan with Virtual Tours
  • When lease expires and tenant moves out, No re-renting fees
  • Detailed property inspections
  • Lease Targeting
  • Tenant Screening
  • Verification of photo Id
  • National and state background check
  • Sex offender, terrorist, and criminal check
  • Credit report, including score and full payment history
  • Review of accounts in collections and judgments
  • Check for past evictions
  • Employment verification
  • Income verification
  • Procure copies of tax and bank statements and if self-employed
  • Confirm rental history
  • Contact previous landlords about payment history, property conditions and nuisance issues

Refer a Client


We will review comparable properties in the current market and recommend a rental price based on that information. We also track the number of calls, showings, and applications, and adjust the price as needed.

Show ability: We will make recommendations based on our experience as well as feedback from showings. If the property needs improvements such as cleaning or repairs that will aid presentation, we will discuss these items with you.


Our management program offers extensive exposure through many vehicles. In addition to using internet sites, including our own top-ranked website, we use local media, a tenant-referral program, and yard signs. For even more exposure, ask about our premium marketing plan, which we highly recommend. More exposure gives us time for extensive screening, increasing the bottom line. Most of our new owners that have converted to our system have noticed a decline in vacancies, which increased their bottom line.

We Guarantee

Guaranteed Rent Payments – guarantees that a tenant that we place in your property will pay their rent, every month, or you pay nothing for our management services for that month.

We are professionals operates under RE/MAX Central, a licensed Real Estate Management brokerage. We are governed by a strict code of laws and ethics set forth by The National Association of Residential Property Managers.